Beard Activity

Curtis Mortensen

Hooray! I bought a car. Picures: 001.jpg 002.jpg
I'm the one responsible for the terror in fur. Today as I was working on the site, she wanted to play, until I'd get out of my chair. Then, all she wanted to do was stare at me and wait for me to do something interesting.

Well, I accidentally deleted the page that was here before, so now I get to start again. That's really ok though, because the old page really needed updating anyway. Andy and I have been talking, and we've decided to start posting articles here. There should be a link on the sidebar.

Let's see, anything I should mention here about myself? I don't know. It'll probably all come out in the postings if they're as regular as I hope. I do want to post the twins page. It has a hidden link explaining who they are.

I beat Peasant's Quest! Here's the proof.